SHUTDOWN For 2 Weeks

Would you believe this horrible virus is still going around in Hawaii in a second wave now and so much worse than before. A few days ago my iPhone said I was leaving Seattle to return to Honolulu. We would have finished our Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian Pearl, but it was not to be. My daughter cancelled all of our trip plans when the pandemic hit.

Besides the many closures, our YMCA and all gyms are not open so I walk around the neighborhood daily and swim in our condo pool. My husband gifted himself with an exercise bike which we both are using!

Thank the Lord that I have a lot of art supplies to keep me busy for a while. This is some of my recent work with where Nolan Clark is my mentor. I’ve been on his forum since 2012 when I returned to doing art after a 40+ year hiatus. I had had only over 1 year of beginning art lessons in the late 60’s. I gave all of my art stuff to Patrick Ching who was a budding artist as a teenager, and who is now world renown and Hawaii’s nature artist

So now I am a happy hobbyist and can paint in acrylic and oils, draw with pencils, and sketch in pen and ink. These three pieces are done on paper. The first is an impressionistic ballerina in acrylic paint; the second is a graphite pencil drawing of a little squirrel and the last is a narrative painting of an old building done in acrylic paint.

This next painting was was done with Dennis Clark, Nolan’s father who is a lifelong artist and teacher in many mediums. I enjoyed this one for the special light effects of ‘Early Morning Splendor’ and like all of our lessons it is a painted from a copyrighted reference photo belonging to The Clarks also have art lessons on They have an art school as well in New Zealand. You can find many inexpensive lessons for artist of all levels and in different mediums that will last through a pandemic such as we are experiencing at this time. Especially great when you are high risk as a senior and have to curtail your outside activities!

This last painting is an original. I took the photo of Molokini or Chinaman’s Hat last summer when my brother-in-law was visiting Hawaii and we went riding around the island. At low tide one can walk across to the island. The shallow water near shore had a lot of rocks in it. How do you get the rocks underneath the water was my challenge!

Well, I hope and pray that you all are doing as well as you can under the circumstances. May God bless you and be your ‘Helper, Keeper, and Preserver as you meditate on Psalm 121 and claim His promises for yourself and your family and those around you. ~Liz