Pandemic still here, unbelievable!

Dear Friends,

Unbelievable, it was August 2020 when I last posted! So much has happened in the past year with the covid-19 pandemic and turbulent national election in America to make one’s head to spin. We have to place our trust in God for His peace each day as we hope for the best.

I have been oblivious to the days and months going by. Sometimes I lose track of what day it is. It’s the numbness of same dull routine everyday- daily morning walks and going to the condo pool in the afternoon. Sometimes we go to the market or go to places where seniors can get free food, just to get out of the house mostly. Then we drop off food for neighbors or family. When I had my 80th birthday a few weeks ago no one fussed over me, but then I didn’t want them to anyway. My family and friends are afraid to have close contact with us because we are among the risky population for contracting the virus. Dr. Fauci said my husband and I are high risk for taking the Covid vaccine, too, so we don’t plan to. I am prone to serious crippling side effects from vaccines as I had from the flu vaccine, and my husband has some health issues.

One thing I’ve got going for me is a lot of art supplies for oil and acrylic painting. and pencils and pens for drawing. But the thing is motivation. I don’t have much of it and it takes a good while to find something that grabs me to want to draw or paint it. I look at a lot of art sites and can’t find anything I want to do. But there are two sites that are my ‘go-to’s’: for acrylic and oil painting, and Virtual Sketchwalk on Facebook. The latter is a private group and you can join if you do urban sketching and commit to drawing the set theme for the month(s). There are members of all drawing levels with some of the mature members doing outstanding pen and ink color washes.

The Renoir representation in oil and dolphin drawing are from Nolan Clark’s tutorials on I loved the dancer and the two dolphins!

These other paintings are from my shut in time, too. They are my first paintings of the year.

This last painting is my 58 year old son body boarding at sunset in Waikiki.

I will post a few more pictures and update my art gallery, but it’s difficult for me to learn new ways to navigate WordPress at my age. Till then God bless all of you and keep you in His loving care and protection in this unstable world.

Aloha ke akua- Liz