Trip Photos From Spokane, WA

I am back to warm weather in Hawaii after a week in the Pacific Northwest to visit my granddaughter, a junior at Whitworth University.  She was featured as the young artist in the Aug. 24 post ‘The Joy of Art Making’ and Aug. 31 post ‘Child Artist Grows Up.’

I was hoping to see a fresh snowfall, but no such luck.  We went to Mt. Spokane State Park and there we found snow, enough of it to toss some snow balls with my son-in-law and 2 granddaughters.   I got to see my first covered bridge, a very old, rustic-looking one which I hope to paint one day.

The Advantage of Taking Your Own Photos

There are many benefits of using your own photos or being with other photographers on site who can help take pictures for you or of you.   One big advantage is that you are in the actual setting and can get a feel for the size, shape, and substance of things, like trees, rocks and size of a covered bridge as you’re standing in it.   Just looking at someone else’s winter photo does not  help to capture the experience of the cold air on your face, and the feel of texture of the snow as you trek through it with boots that make deep holes like those left by folks who were there before you.   Being out in nature lends to creating the atmosphere or mood for the drawing or painting that you want to produce.  Best of all, I think it’s great to have a collection of reference photos to study buildings from different angles and perspective, and learn the way trees and foliage grow, and how to paint shadows and reflections in a pond or lake.

The beauty of nature that God has provided us is so impressive and beautiful everywhere I went. While it is quite different from tropical and warm Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest has its own beauty and glory for  everyone to enjoy.  Thus, I am looking forward to my next trip to Washington state when my granddaughter graduates.

God bless everyone and have fun this  holiday season!