Volcano Painting- Eruption on Hawaii Island



 Pu’u O’o Volcanic Cone in 1983

Dear Friends,

I have a bad case of ‘artist block’, not being able to start and/or concentrate on any art project recently.  It’s because of watching and listening to the daily distressing news of what is happening on the Big Island of Hawaii, the largest of 7 populated islands in the state of Hawaii.  So many people have lost everything- their houses and dream homes from the destructive fury of Kilauea volcano, the present most active volcano on the island.  These unfortunate people are now displaced and living in shelters and with friends with only little that they could save on the short notice given them to flee the fiery path of lava heading into their communities and other adjacent areas.  They had built their homes on the east rift zone on the downslope of Kilauea volcano, not expecting a catastrophic volcanic event for another hundred or more years.

The above painting was done shortly after the eruption began in late April 2018.  It is painted from a reference photo published by the USGS, United States Geological Society.  It shows a volcanic cone that was birthed over 30 years ago, Pu’u O’o, which has now  become a major vent and conduit of Kilauea volcano.  Pu’u O’o began its life as a mere spatter cone and has become a major player in the demise of most of the Puna District  located on the east rift zone of Kilauea, the third largest shield volcano on the island of Hawaii.

Hundreds of earthquakes signaled an impending eruption from Halemaumau, the summit crater of Kilauea, with the level of the lava lake rising and subsiding and  towering ash plumes.  At the same time the crater lava lake in Pu’u O’o began to stir and lava spewed into the air and began its movement down the east rift zone, cracking the ground and with hot 2000F lava bursting from fissures in its path throughout communities and now flowing to the ocean.

Stories-high geysers of lava are shooting in the air from the craters and about two dozen fissures have destroyed roads,  torn the ground open with fountains of lava spurting along the rift zone, consuming everything in their path. The effects of volcanic ash and toxic gases have imperiled the lives of everyone, even to the other islands where there are many who suffer the effects of the vog/volcanic air pollution.  This is my short summary of the devastating events on the island of Hawaii which affects only a small section of the island, but the lives of over 2,000 islanders, not the WHOLE island as some mistakenly believe.

May God help and protect the folks on Hawaii island!  Pray for God’s mercy and grace upon the affected people in the Puna District in Hawaii!


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