Another Kilauea Volcano Painting

This is an oil painting on hardboard.  It shows  Fissure #8 of Pu’u O’o volcanic cone which has been erupting as it continues its rampage in the east rift zone of Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii Island.

I used a piece of recycled black shelving which was hard with a smooth and very slick surface.   It was not hard wood, but press board which is a composite ‘wood’ with a finished surface on one side.   I thought that the black painted board would lend itself to the lava background in all of the volcano paintings that I did, and it seemed to have worked out well.

Oil paint being ‘sticky’ was my choice of medium to paint directly on the board.   My thinking was that it would spread easier and would be blendable, whereas with acrylic paint it would probably not work out as well without a matt latex underpaint and ‘tooth’ to adhere to.

The underpainting  was brushed on lightly and very thinly and the paint was ‘dried to touch’ between each layer of thinly applied paint.  Any blending of paint in the sky, especially, had to be done very gingerly or the paint would be lifted off the bottom layer, exposing the black surface.  That was the biggest difference in working with this wood vs canvas.   Maybe this info would be helpful to know if you want to paint on a smooth board.

Ordinarily, prepping with gesso or flat latex paint over any surface would suffice even on my black boards, but as mentioned I wanted to take advantage of the black background.

Another matter to consider is that thick paint or using an impasto technique of applying paint may possibly or eventually cause cracks and/or paint to break off if the surface underneath was slick.  Thicker painting would be better on a primed surface or canvas, preferably.  But then, applying the ‘lean to fat’ technique is something to experiment with.

This is my underpainting which is a value sketch.  There was no toning or ground used since the black surface sufficed for my purposes.  You can see that it was not easy to get the paint to stick, and also a little rubbing will expose the black underneath.

Underpainting/Value Sketch on Hardboard

You can read my short summary of the ongoing eruption which began last month on May 3, 2018 on my other blogsite: ‘God’s Enduring Love’.   Please see ‘Monster Kilauea Eruption Continues’