Dramatic Painting of Monster Kilauea Eruption- Fissure 8



Who would have thought that Kilauea’s present volcanic activity would still be going strong into its 3rd month?!

When I started painting the Kilauea eruption in early May, I intended to paint one or two volcano paintings and be done.  But as the time went on, I, like thousands of people was fascinated by the 24/7 news of what was happening on the Big Island of Hawaii.  So I continued painting more pictures.  Meanwhile of 24 identified lava fissures in the present eruption, the main and notorious Fissure 8  became a towering 200 ft cinder cone itself, and will soon to be given its own name.  Fissure 8 continues her fiery explosions and destructive path through the East Rift Zone of Kapoho in the Puna District of the island, and now looks like a giant volcano.  It contributed the most lava outflow of the 24 fissures, and a massive delta was built up with a deep channel from which raging rapids of lava flowed 8-10 miles to the ocean, some at 20 to 30 mph!  As of this date, over 700 homes/structures  have been destroyed, a couple thousand people displaced, and over 6,000 acres burnt and blackened by lava!

Green Lake, a popular place to swim, was the largest and deepest fresh water lake in Hawaii with a maximum depth of 200 feet.  It was located in the basin floor of the centuries’ old Kapoho volcano crater which was accessed by hiking through a lush rain forest.  The popular landmark lake was overrun and filled completely with hot lava that boiled and  evaporated all of the water so that Green Lake disappeared without a trace!


Top Row:  Left- Green Lake (Before);  Right- Green Lake gone!                                      Bottom Row:  Left- Kapoho Bay and shoreline (Before); Right- And now Kapoho Bay, seen in the right corner of the above photo is totally wiped out!  (See photo credits)

Unbelievably, the rivers of hot lava also filled the entire Kapoho Bay, known for its beautiful pristine beach and popular bay for water activities and for fishermen to launch their boats.   The family and vacation homes along the shoreline, tidal pools and beaches are buried under mountains of lava, and the area where Kapoho Bay once was is now a somewhat bittersweet memory for many who made their home and playground there.

The power of creation looms large upon the Big Island of Hawaii, now grown by over 700 acres which makes this youngest island in the Hawaiian archipelago the largest island of all in Hawaii State even larger, still  growing bigger in size with no end in sight!


Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.’  

John Ruskin- English artist (1819-1900)