Sunset Beach- North Shore, Hawaii

8×10 canvas water soluble oil paint study of big surf. This is a cropped version of a photo I took from watching the last Eddie Aikau Surf Contest at North Shore’s Sunset Beach in 2017. John-John Florence on his green board took First Place.

I am still learning how to post photos and for some weird reason these were transferred looking slightly different than the actual paintings. Besides that, the first two photos read greener than the last one.

Anyway, the photos show the basic stages of this simple painting. The first began as large blocks of color; next I added darks and white water; and in the last are the details and surfer. Except for the surfer and his board, I used only ultramarine blue and phthalo green with white for the water.

Before I painted the surfer I drew small pencil drawings of the figure on his board. This was necessary to get the angles correct of his back and bend of his left leg, though it took only a few color brush strokes.

2 thoughts on “Sunset Beach- North Shore, Hawaii

  1. Everything has a process and this looks really good. There is a fear I have about large waves. It is more than a reverence (the concept most used in scripture when the word “fear” is rendered). I just spoke on two processes at Mauna Kea this weekend–


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