New Work and New Thing

I guess I’ll call this my shutdown art. This is Mendenhall glacier as I remember it from a photo of my 2010 trip to Juneau, Alaska. It is 16×20 on masonite and painted in oil. My sister saw it in 2017 and said it has shrunk in size since then. I hoped to see it again, but my August cruise was cancelled.

The next painting is of the Mokulua twin islands in Lanikai, popular scene and beach on the windward side of my island of O’ahu. The background is the majestic Ko’olau Mountain Range. This is done on 11×14 canvas in acrylic paint. I like acrylic for its fast drying and workability; the only misgiving is that acrylic paints tend to dry darker and more vivid. The water is really as beautiful turquoise as you see it here.

Twin Islands, Lanikai


As you can see my art experience tends to be more realistic than abstract. I came across Louise Fletcher, an art mentor, on Facebook who was offering a one week course to help artists find joy in their art. She helps thousands of artists at all levels learn how to discover their real self. It’s the only way I can explain it; she will help anyone to find joy exploring color, painting tools and techniques, etc. It may improve one’s painting and lead to doing art for a profession or make someone like me enjoy painting more as a hobbyist. Actually, when I signed up, I didn’t realize that Louise was a semi-abstract artist. Anyway, she is terrific and so far is helping me loosen up and get rid of my inhibitions by painting with no purpose in mind. I can’t wait to see where this will lead. My husband asked me, “Is that a lesson?” and walked out of the room.

I have been using 3 primary colors, white and black acrylic paints and brushes and/or palette knives, also canvas paper. These small paintings were done in just a few minutes on 3 days this week. I know they may not make sense, but upon careful observation, I noticed that I was getting freer in expressing myself already!

We artists stick ourselves out, this in itself deserves respect”. Robert Genn