A Train to Nowhere

This is my latest shutdown project of the White Pass steam locomotive lumbering over the Yukon trail in Skagway, Alaska. It was a fluke of luck that the corona virus cancelled my Alaskan cruise this summer. I really looked forward to doing the train ride again and listening to the epic stories of the Klondike Gold Rush over l00 years ago.

I lamented quietly and looked at my postcards of the old steam engines that were put back into service and my experience of 2010 when I went on my first Alaskan cruise. Now that my husband and I are elderly it meant a lot to do our last trip on the Emerald Princess, but it was not meant to be. I may work a little more on this painting to darken the gravel on the track, but below are pictures that I mindlessly sketched out as I composed the picture from what I thought my experience could have been like.

My paper was too small for my doodling.
I found a large sheet of paper to continue my sketching. It was the first time I ever started a painting with this kind of sketching.

Well, so much for my Alaskan Cruise in 2020!