More Photos of Kahana Valley, O’ahu HI

It was a memorable day for my youngest daughter and her family. They picked me up to take me with them to the windward side of our island. It was a special day and outing for my granddaughter Lauren since she was leaving soon for college in California. It would be one of her last family outings for a while. For me, it was a great Photo Op day! I loved the greens of the foliage and their reflections in the Kahana Stream that flows into the bay.

While the time of the day taking photos is important, I found that a photographer’s vantage point can sure make a difference, too. On the left, I’m looking across Kahana Bay near the mouth of the bay. Sky color reflected into the water. The photo on the right which was shared online, was taken from the horseshoe sandy beach side of the bay. For the few times I had driven by Kahana Bay, I saw only the dark dull green brownish look of the water. The reason for its distinctive color is that the towering lush green Ko’olau Mountains cast their shadow into most of the bay. So I was thrilled to get to see the blues in the water from my vantage point!

As we continued toward the North Shore we found a local and tourist favorite- GIOVANNI’S FAMOUS SHRIMP wagon! We got there early enough to avoid the long lines of folks ordering the scrumptious platefuls of garlic butter shrimp and the many other shrimp dishes! What a wonderful treat to be out with my family!