Learning to Draw!



 GALLERY OF DOG DRAWINGS-  (Drawn 12-2013 to 1-2014)  Top row: Malu and Kuma , my son’s dogs; Pixie, my oldest daughter’s dog.  Second row: Hoku, my youngest  daughter’s dog and her dog’s siblings;  Third row: Husky pup and wolf  from online free photos.


 With the right teacher, anyone can learn to draw.  But there must be a good match between the teacher and the student.  There are many online art schools and free lance artists, who teach drawing for free or for a fee.   For me, I needed a teacher who was confident and mature to motivate someone like me who had ZERO experience in drawing.  I had not drawn anything in my childhood through my retired years, until recently.  I needed a teacher who was confident in his own talent and ability to teach a beginner to become a good artist.


To me, the highest qualification for an art teacher, besides being an experienced artist, is that he must know how to teach.  There are many gifted artists but many don’t know how to break art down  into simple understandable steps.  This is where Dennis and Nolan Clark of Paint Basket fit the bill for me.  They have good solid experience as teachers operating their own art schools for many years in South Africa,  and now in New Zealand.   They have amazing patience to explain and demonstrate techniques and skills to beginner artists, and are very committed to teaching art to anyone who wants to learn how to draw and paint.


A person can learn anything on Paint Basket since most lessons are geared to the beginner artist.  Maybe most people would choose to start at the ‘beginning’ with a basic drawing course, but I decided to postpone that for later and since I liked dogs and had two of my own, I decided I would try drawing dogs first.  As it turned out, the Dog Drawing Course was a Dec. 2013 Christmas special.  Enthusiasm ran high for Nolan Clark’s new course.  I took it along with a whole lot of folks with whom there was such camaraderie as we learned all about drawing dogs .   Our drawings were shared on the Paint Basket forum, a friendly and non-threatening place, especially for a beginner like me.   I was so excited to learn how to draw!  Besides the dogs that Nolan Clark demonstrated techniques with, I drew family pets which I  later painted pet portraits for my family.  I also drew other dogs and animals, too.  Whether drawing or painting, it’s a good idea to choose a subject that you like so that there will be a good chance of being successful with your efforts!