Dog Story Sequel

My son Wendell with Kuma his Maltipoo standing on a jetty that borders a fish refuge on one side and swimming beach on the other.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day for walking the whole length of Waikiki. Wendell wanted me to see all of his favorite spots where he surfs with his boogie board and catches waves. He named them all and described how the waves came in. The names of the surfing spots that he frequents are Canoes, Queens, Cunha’s, Public’s, and Tonggs, some named after notable people in Hawaii who had oceanfront homes.

Here is a sequel on the Jan. 4, 2019 story the dog portrait I painted from a photo Wendell gave me late last year. He finally found a photo that he wanted me to paint of his dog Kuma. He didn’t give me any specifics and basically just texted me Kuma’s picture. I wondered if the dog was sitting on the sand, but something about the perspective wasn’t right. As I worked on the painting from the photo it seemed to me that the dog was sitting on a wall. Why didn’t I ask? An artist should really find out more about a reference photo. That is the lesson I got from doing this portrait.

In the top row below is a Yelp photo of the Louise Dillingham Memorial Fountain at the end of our walk down King Kalakaua Ave, with the famous Diamond Head as a backdrop. Next is the photo my son gave me and the last photo shows him with Kuma sitting on the fountain wall on our Saturday walk. In the bottom picture, by a stroke of luck, I painted Kuma sitting on this same wall! (Kuma means bear in Japanese).

Anyway, it was a beautiful and memorable experience to spend a day with my grown son, not knowing that we would walk over 3 miles round trip and I would see how much Waikiki has changed over the years, but the same surf spots were still out there where my husband also used to surf, as a youth, over 65 years ago!

Kuma was a trooper, too. He enjoyed seeing the sights. Then we trekked all the way back, reviewing the names of the surf spots and watched surfers and boogie boarders catching waves. We met Wendell’s wife Pohai, who works at the Waikiki Apple Store, then picked up dinner and rode home with her. The end of a delightful day!