Ending 2019 Art Year


Catching up with myself with the last 3 paintings of 2019.  They are somewhat all ‘firsts’ for me!

The rose is 8×8 in acrylic on canvas.  It is a painting that has taken literally years to work up the confidence to paint.  I prefer seascapes and landscapes to floral paintings, but  roses are my favorite flower; I love their different scent and sometimes at Costco or Safeway before I shop, I stop to sniff a few roses. I always wanted to capture the beauty of a rose so to draw and paint a pretty rose is an accomplishment for me!  This small painting will be given to my husband’s primary care physician who takes great care of him.  I am waiting for a special gold frame I ordered from Blick to arrive any day now.

The next painting is a typical autumn scene, 11×14 WSO (water soluble oil) painting.  It was my first time in 50 years to do a Fall painting.  In case you may not know,  I am in Hawaii where we do not experience the four seasons as others may.  It was decades ago when I  painted a  similar scene at  a  YWCA art class.   It was a Robert Wood copy  much like the one below.  Robert Wood  was a popular American landscape artist (1889-1979) who sold millions of his color reproductions (Wikipedia).  I also did one of his landscapes.  During the one session at the YWCA  I learned art from large Walter Foster illustrated books.  (I  never drew or painted again until my retirement from school administration and teaching).  I think if I did my painting over again I would have the creek disappear in the distance like in the Robert Wood one below.  But most of my work are play around pieces (I paint for fun), so I don’t return to them to make any adjustments.  Instead, I try to learn from them and move on.

This is the Robert Wood copy  from 50+ years ago that was framed and in its original oil paint.  The frame I paid $35.00 for in the late 60’s would cost $200 today at a local frame shop.

The third photo at the top is my first close-up painting of a Hawaiian monk seal on an 8×10 canvas panel.  It was a free online photo that I saved and often looked at;  I thought the monk seal was so cute that I would paint him one day.

But these two Hawaiian monk seals are my favorite who are sunning themselves on the beach-  mom  Rocky, and her pup, Kaimana, who was born two years ago on Waikiki Beach.

From Robert Genn

‘Art because it’s so easy to do, and yet so difficult to do well, encourages humility in the human soul’.