Welcome to all my viewers from ‘God’s Enduring Love’ and to all the new folks who’ve come to visit my new blogsite.  No, I have not abandoned my other blog started in 2012, but I thought I should separate my hobby for those with an interest in art.  I hope to journal here and also chronicle my journey into the world of art with vignettes that are both literary and artistic.   At the same time I hope that I can share with you the source of all of my inspiration which is my faith in God.  In the meanwhile, bear with me as I try to get this new site going!

So why did I choose  ‘Art with Aloha for my blog name?  I’m glad you asked!  It means ‘Art with LOVE.  In Hawaii, another meaning for ‘Aloha‘ besides ‘Goodbye‘,  is LOVE.  Sometimes I sign off letters and emails with ‘Aloha ke akua’ which means God bless you, God loves you, and God is Love.   Aloha, ~Liz



One thought on “ART with ALOHA

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    Aloha, Everyone! I’ve started a new blog that is ‘A Journal About Art and Life’. I hope to bring together my interests in art with my faith in God and my philosophy of life. So come and visit ‘ART with LOVE’!


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