MY SON’S DOG, KUMA- A dog story. . .


KUMA, my son’s dog.

Kuma’s name means ‘bear’ in Japanese.  He looked like a little bear when I first saw him.  His eyes were always shrouded by hair, and it wasn’t unless he was just groomed that one could see his dark eyes staring back at you!

Here is his owner’s story:

KUMA was given to us as a two year old in 2012.  His owner was not able to care for him and placed an ad on Craig’s list.  We responded along with many others and gratefully, she chose our family.  He is a Maltipoo– Maltese+poodle.  His black hair is hypoallergenic and he is very easy to love and care for. 

As for his confirmation, our vet says he is a perfect ‘5’ where 1 is emaciated  and 10, morbidly obese.  We converted him to a vegetarian diet about 5 years ago.  He has enjoyed good health and very clean teeth since.  As for his dentures, the vet is in disbelief that we don’t do any oral hygiene and simply is astounded at his beautiful teeth.  It is well known that dog diseases and drugs and side effects are the same as with humans.  Thus, our thought that organic non-GMO, plant based food is best for him and us.

On this day, Kuma and I went to Kapiolani Regional Park at the foot of Diamond Head crater.  There, he marked and sniffed everything he could whilst drawing the attention of onlookers to his compact cuteness.  Near the far end is a well known water fountain centered in a turnabout so cars can drive around it.  It was here I staged him for portraiture.  Seeing that we were calm, I watchfully removed his harness and hoped he would behave.  He did, and it was one of our best 2018 photo sessions!

There is nothing like the love of and from a dog.  Perhaps it is best said that dog is love- a twist on God is love.  Should any human come to understand unconditional love, it can come from such a companion like Kuma.


Oil painting 11×14

All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all. . .

(Cecil Francis Alexander- An Anglican hymn, vs 1)

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